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Why You May Be Stopped Taking Your Children Abroad After Divorce

Most of us might take for granted taking our children abroad for holidays, not withstanding pandemics and travel restrictions making it a lot more difficult than normal sometimes. However, family lawyers are often needed due to a parent being confronted with a scenario that they are being stopped from taking their child or children overseas.

The legal position for divorced parents with children makes taking them abroad, more than a case of grabbing their passports and flying off to countries around the globe. It can be a situation which needs to be dealt with correctly, otherwise, not only will those overseas trips with their children not happen, a parent could end up in serious trouble if they attempt them, contrary to any court orders.

In the vast majority of divorces, parents are given joint responsibility for the children, and whilst they may live permanently with one of those parents, the other has as many rights with regards to overseeing their health, education, and well-being.

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The Law Relating To The Police’s Powers To Search Your Property For Suspected Drug Crimes

If you use drugs and take the risk of keeping those drugs in your possession regularly then the chances are that at some stage you will be stopped by the police. Even if you claim to be in a drug rehab program and are trying to get off drugs, it is unlikely to cut you any slack from the police who may arrest you for possession of drugs, or if they suspect you intended to sell them, with the supply of drugs.

When you are arrested for a crime, including for a crime related to the possession of drugs, there are number of actions that the police can take as part of their investigation. One of those is likely to be searches of your property, your person or both. when war use the term property, that can mean your home, your business premises, if you own them, or your vehicle.

Whether they wish to search your property or person, they police may ask first you for permission first, although they are not always obliged to do so. If you give them you consent, it might be the case that once you have spoken to your lawyer, that they advise you to withdraw you consent, which is permissible at any time.

You should be aware, that even if you do withdraw you reconsent there are certain circumstances where the police will still have the right to conduct a search of your property or your person.

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