3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Family Lawyer

Family Law, Legal Advice Sep 10, 2019
Choosing a Family Lawyer

Choosing the right lawyer like Adelaide family lawyers for your case can be crucial for your success. It doesn’t really matter if you’re going through a divorce, fighting a custody battle or trying to agree on a fair spousal maintenance amount, family lawyers can help.

We understand that it can sometimes be hard to choose the right lawyer for your case. To help you make your decisions, we’ve put together a quick list of the top three things to look for when searching for a family lawyer. They include:

  1. Proof of previous experience

It’s obviously extremely important to make sure that you choose a lawyer with experience in your field. Failing to do so can lead to a range of problems, including results that aren’t really what you’re expecting.

Most family lawyers will happily provide you with details of previous cases that they’ve worked, especially if it’s likely to lead to you choosing their services. Narrow down your choices to a select group of lawyers and ask for evidence of their experience before making any major choices.

You should also ask them for any qualifications that they’re got above a simple law degree. A lawyer who has specialised and done further training in a certain field is likely to be a better choice.

  1. Evidence of specialization

Building on the last point, you should also look for a lawyer who specialises in what you want them to do. Something like family law requires a high degree of specialist knowledge about everything related to the subject. Family law is constantly evolving, which means that the best lawyers to help you will be the ones who specialise.

Although specialised lawyers might seem more expensive at first glance, you need to realise that they will also be more efficient and better at their job. This means that they probably won’t spend as much time on your case, and will therefore charge you a lot less.

  1. A Friendly Attitude

The chances are that, if you’re looking for a family lawyer, you have some sort of problem that you’re going to be working with them on for a decent length of time. It’s therefore extremely important to find a lawyer who is approachable, friendly and easy to talk to.

A good place to start is by asking friends and acquaintances for any recommendations that they have. If someone you trust can recommend a lawyer for you, the chances are that they’re going to be a decent choice.

Once you’ve narrowed your search down to a couple of different lawyers or law firms, you should meet with them to figure out which ones you get on with best. Pay careful attention to their attitude and how helpful they seem to be.

Final Word

Choosing a family lawyer will likely be a very big decision in your life. If you need a lawyer, the chances are that you’re going through some sort of crisis like a divorce or custody battle. The above three points should help you choose the perfect person to help you face your problems.

Good luck, and make sure that you do your own research!